Is Morgan Freeman Dead? Death Rumor September 2012

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Here is latest news gossip of Is Morgan Freeman Dead, R.I.P. Morgan Freeman Death Rumor Facebook was created on September 5, 2012 claiming that the actor is dead, following the following the same pattern as Bill Cosby's decent death hoax that stirred anger and disappointment in people. The creator of Cosby's page through it was a funny prank while others thought it was thoughtless and mean.

Morgan Freeman Death Rumor
Morgan Freeman had been victimized before and now will need to defend his dear life again for the sake of gullible people on the web. Thousands and thousands of "likes" have begun to pile up and Mstarz hopes to help put an end to that nasty rumor.

Morgan Freeman is currently in stable condition, recovering from a celebrity death hoax started on Facebook. This viral condition has affected dozens of celebrities just this year, including wrestler/actor John Cena, magician/professional creeper David Blaine, and children’s scientist Bill Nye.

Freeman will have to defend his status as a living celebrity once again (he’s battled fake death hoaxes before, notes NYDaily) in the face of thousands upon thousands of “likes” piling up on the R.I.P. Morgan Freeman page.

Freeman is NOT dead. He is alive and well, his rep assures Gossip Cop. A similarly FALSE report on Facebook “killed” Bill Cosby last month. There’s been a wave of awful death hoaxes in recent days.

Is Morgan Freeman Dead? Death Rumor September 2012
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