How to get Google Fiber Fast and Easy

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Best tutorial How to get Google Fiber fast and easy - Today as Google launch Google Fiber in Kansas City, Google are continuing with the same approach. Instead of Google deciding where and when Google install.

Here is tutorial how to get Google Fiber in two easy steps:

1. Pre-register: Starting today, if you live in an eligible Kansas City household, you can pre-register by visiting All you need to do for pre-registration is provide some basic information (like your name and address) and pay a $10 deposit.

2. Rally your neighbors: Over the next six weeks, get your neighbors and friends to pre-register too.

Here’s why: Google Fiber works better when communities are connected together. So we’ve divided Kansas City into small communities we call “fiberhoods.” We’ll install only where there’s enough interest, and we’ll install sooner in fiberhoods where there’s more interest. You can check out your fiberhood’s pre-registration goal, as well as a real-time status update of all Kansas City fiberhoods on our rankings page.

The rally lasts for six weeks and ends on September 9. When you participate, not only will you help bring Google Fiber to your home, you’ll also help bring it to your community—if your fiberhood reaches its pre-registration goal, we’ll also connect community buildings like schools, libraries and hospitals with free Gigabit Internet.

After the rally, we’ll let you know if your fiberhood has reached its goal. If so, you can sign up for your service package. The first homes will get service shortly after the rally ends, and all qualifying neighborhoods will receive service before the end of 2013.

In the meantime, you can come visit Kansas City’s Google Fiber Space, where you can experience a gigabit first-hand and check out TV in crystal clear high definition. The Fiber Space will be open daily starting this Saturday, July 28. We’ll also be holding events throughout the community during the rally. Stay tuned for more on the Google Fiber KC Blog.

And remember, if you want Google Fiber, you need to pre-register your home by September 9 and tell your neighbors to pre-register too. Let’s do this for Kansas City! Posted by Kevin Lo, General Manager, Google Access

How to get Google Fiber Fast and Easy
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