12 Best Fitness Android Apps of The Week

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Here is list of the best fitness apps for Android that you can download on google play. Your Android is always with you, and it's a great tool for tracking your exercise, logging your diet victories and slip-ups, and encouraging you to take your fitness farther. Use these Android apps to monitor your goals for the new year.

If you have a smartphone then you will likely have it on you 24 hours a day and use it to do almost everything. The thing that makes smartphones so smart is that they are truly multifunctional and fit right into our pocket which means that we use them when we need directions, when we need to phone a friend, when we’re settling a dispute or cheating at a pub quiz, to answer e-mails on the way to work, to catch up with the news, to take photos etc.

But why not use your smartphone to get into shape as well? It’s one area of your life where you might not yet be using your phone, but if you do then you can find it can help a great deal to get you into shape. Here are some of the Best Android Fitness Apps on the Google Play Store.

1. Endomondo - Runner Android App

Endomondo is build for runner, a fantastic little utility that can help you to measure your progress and get your friends and family involved in your training too. The main function of this handy little app uses the GPS to map out your route which means you can see precisely where you’ve been and precisely how many miles you’ve covered (so that you can aim higher the next time you go running). On top of this though the app also has several other handy little abilities – for instance the ability to share your route to Facebook, or the ability for a friend to track your progress and even send you little inspirational messages while you’re running (though they’re read out by a rather robotic sounding voice).

2. On Track Diabetes - Diabetes Android App

One group that does need to keep a close eye on precisely what they are eating are those who have diabetes. This tracker allows you to track how much sugar you’re taking in and thus avoid exacerbating your condition.

3. Calorie Counter Pro - Calorie Control App

There are numerous problems with calorie counting and several reasons that it’s not the most effective way to lose weight. However I’m not going to go into those right now so if you do want to keep track of the precise number of calories you’re consuming this is the tool for you.

4. Your Parkour App - Parkour Android App

If you want to get into great shape and get a few jaws to drop, then parkour is a great activity to take up. Your Parkour App is currently the best parkour tutorial app on the market with an attractive gallery of pictures, a list of ‘how tos’ for various moves, and a selection of articles on training.

5. aStopWatch - Timer Android App

This does what it says on the tin and is very useful for timing your runs and other fitness endeavors. One of the best things you can use this for is to divide up your CV into periods of high and low exertion (this is called ‘interval training’) so that you can increase your heart rate and maximise your weight loss and anabolism.

6. Runkeeper (Free)


To lose overall body fat and maintain a steady cardiovascular exercise, running is your best and cheapest option. Runkeeper will keep track of your running speed, distance, calories lost, heart rate, and running time just like you would find on a treadmill. Updates to the app also include an Autopause function that recognizes when you stop moving (in case you come across a traffic light). If you recently bought the Pebble off Kickstarter, the app is also integrated directly with the smartwatch.

7. Jefit (Free | Pro: $5)


Jefit helps you select any target muscle you want to work out and gives you a particular exercise along with suggested reps and sets under an interval timer. You can also create a Jefit profile and take pictures of yourself to keep a visual progress. The range of more than 500+ exercises lets you determine your own customized routine to a bodybuilding your way to your preferred perfection. It will also auto-calculate your Body Mass Index to make sure all’s well and healthy.

8. Workout Trainer (Free)


Like Jefit, Workout Trainer gives you a comprehensive list of exercises to perform depending on the areas you want to work out. The exercises are great for those who want to work out at home without the use of gym equipments, and provides a graphic instructional video to show examples of routines. Workout Trainer provides recommended programs as well as the ability the share your workout progress so you and you friends can encourage each other to keeping things fit.

9. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal (Free)


Exercise isn’t just about how much you work out but also about the food you consume. With Calorie Counter, you can input your height, weight, and gender before selecting a goal weight, whether it’s to maintain, gain, or lose. The app will continue to record you daily weight and food consumption to see where you should increase or decrease caloric intake to match your weight goal. You can also use the barcode scanner to directly detect food calories when you’re out shopping in the supermarket.

10. Lose It! (Free)


Set your own food schedule with Lose It! by planning a meal regime that fits with your caloric needs. The app lets you divide meals by breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with the exercise you plan to do to burn those calories. The whole thing works in a budget system: How much will you allow yourself to eat today and how much of it will you burn? Get friends to join so you can keep a whole community of people looking for healthful living.

11. Fooducate (Free)


Like the barcode scanner in Calorie Counter, Fooducate focuses primarily on scanning product barcodes for calorie information. Fooducate also takes things a step further by showing you the good and bad of a certain food item, and recommendations for substitutes if you choose to not buy that particular product. Each food item also has a rating as well as a calories per serving comparison to the average product in its category to help you make the healthiest food choices.

12. Instant Heart Rate (Free | Pro: $1)


You can run for a mile then stop to manually measure your heart rate by placing your fingers on your neck or wrist and count the pulses, or let your smartphone do the work. Instant Heart Rate measures your pulses by allowing you to place your finger in front of your phone’s camera and track the color changes on your fingertip to determine heart rate. Sounds crazy, but it sure beats counting your own numbers and doing the math after a big workout.

12 Best Fitness Android Apps of The Week
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