Who get Genital Warts Anywhere on Your Body?

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Who get Genital Warts? Warts most commonly appear in children and teenagers. However, people of all ages can develop warts anywhere on the body because of the way they spread through touch.

Warts can develop overnight upon touch or they might take a few days. They also may resolve themselves. Some warts may resolve within a couple of weeks while others may take months.

It is common for people to have to find a way to remove warts if they do not resolve on their own. A wart can stay on the body for years. There is no definite time frame for a wart to go away on its own or a guarantee if one will for sure.
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Anyone can get warts. Some people are not prone to them because their immune system is not affected by the human papilloma virus. Everyone reacts differently to this virus and some people
do not at all.

The immune system is what directs a wart on the body and how long it will stick around. If a person develops a wart on their body and it goes away easily it usually means they have a
healthy immune system. People who are ill with immune-related diseases like lymphoma and AIDS often tend to get warts that will last longer on the body.

People who are undergoing chemotherapy often have a breakdown of their immune system during this period and may have the same results with a wart. It is also common for it to be more difficult to get rid of a wart when the immune system is weakened due to illness or something like chemotherapy.

Who get Genital Warts Anywhere on Your Body?
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